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Well as you can see, I have recently gotten married. OK maybe not so recent it has been 4 years. My wife, Mary, and I were married on April 13, 1996. The cake we are standing behind was our own creation with the help of our baker. The bridge is a one of a kind. We actually built it from model railroad building materials.

In 1997 we moved to Dallas. This was difficult as Mary's family and the Singers are both located in Houston, where I had settled 10 years earlier. It was also difficult as Mary was pregnant with our first child, Thomas. We found a house in Rowlett and quickly moved in as to keep the stress of moving for Mary to a minimum. The house we purchased has had a few problems, and we were worried that we would be still trying to resolve them when Thomas arrived.

On September 23-1997 at 3:22PM our first child Thomas Roland was born. He has been a real joy. There is a lot of family resemblance. I am so proud of Thomas and Mary for the sheer strength and stamina on Thomas's birthday. I love them both. They both went through quite an ordeal and came out smiling and healthy. I look forward to the years of joy in our new family.

On December 12-2000 at 12:35 in the afternoon our second child Catherine Louise was born. She is quite a cutie, I am proud of my girls and how they both came through this difficult time. Thomas now has a little sister and is so excited right now.

I also like to sing. I'm a member of the St. Cyril Singers in Houston. We are a contemporary choir. In December we sang at the Heritage House at Sam Houston Park, Houston Texas. Over the years, our choir has recorded a few tapes which we've sold to parishoners and other friends and family. The tapes have been received with much enthusiasm.

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